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colleagues/students/museum visitors on me and my programs


Today I was so excited to have the opportunity to see [the Guggenheim Museum], but I didn't expect to have such a beautiful experience! Every day at 2pm the museum offers an experience with an art expert. It's a big deal in my opinion. The one that I had with Rachel Ropeik today was very high level! Highly recommended!!

—a museum visitor's reply on the Guggenheim's Facebook page about their experience with a One Hour, One Object public tour

I just wanna say a big "Thank you!" to you for offering such a playful and fun museum experience to us. It's really rare for me to chat with other visitors ... and yesterday's experience encouraged me to step outside the box, and return to [being] a "child" in a grand (sometimes intimidating) museum place. I love the philosophy behind it: as sometimes, we might attempt to embellish or upgrade ourselves through art, and this act might make our encounter with art very utilitarian and practical. By retrieving our lost children's simplicity and playfulness, we could ... finally become "naked" in front of an art piece without prejudice or authentic interpretations. Only then, we could understand the silence and equilibrium within Agnes Martin's works.

—a museum visitor reflecting on a playful, self-guided experience in Agnes Martin at the Guggenheim Museum

You do an amazing job at painting a picture in my head. I love how you do that. You rocked it.

—thank you note from a 5th grade visitor to the Brooklyn Museum

Rachel’s high level of professionalism, reflection, and goal setting make her a valuable asset to the Museum. Creativity and efficiency pervade Rachel’s work, and she consistently demonstrates a high degree of determination, generosity and enthusiasm in all aspects of her professional life. Her unique perspective blends a love for art history, technology, knowledge of contemporary art, as well as experience as a skilled educator.

—Alexa Fairchild, School Programs Manager, Brooklyn Museum

I don't want to go back to the world outside the museum.

—teacher participant after a week at the Brooklyn Museum Summer Teacher Institute

A Must-Do Professional Development Opportunity for Teachers

Transforms the Way You Look at Museums

Don't Be Intimidated by Art, Enjoy It!

—course-summarizing newspaper headlines suggested by teacher participants in the Brooklyn Museum Summer Teacher Institute

It was really interesting how there was so many things you could pull out of one painting! When you think about what story the painting is trying to tell, it really helps to understand what's going on in the painting. Overall, this experience at the Brooklyn Museum has been fun and interesting, so thanks!

—thank you note from a 4th grade visitor to the Brooklyn Museum

We had a wonderful experience on Saturday morning. Rachel was very knowledgeable and motivating. It was a great way for us as a family to view the museum together!

—family of visitors after a Closer Look for Kids tour at MoMA

A picture is worth 1thousand [sic] words and you taught us to find those thousand words. Thanks again Rachel for teaching us to find those thousand words.

—thank you note from a 5th grade visitor to the Brooklyn Museum

I just wanted to thank you so much for setting us up with Rachel at the Met. She was INCREDIBLE!!!! I was blown away at how she kept our younger kids engaged as well as the adults. My 7 year old and even 4 year old are still talking about it. My 9 year old feels so bad she was not able to make it as she would have LOVED IT!!

—family of museum visitors after a private tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art through Context Travel

I am not a museum lover, however you've made me a changed person. Thanks!

—teacher participant in the Brooklyn Museum Summer Teacher Institute

Rachel has a warm, engaging delivery style, and is able to make her subject understandable to any audience, regardless of age or background. She is knowledgeable about art history and passionate about arts education, and she always manages to understand the needs of her audience and write/present to them in the most appropriate way.

—Alice Odin, Public Programmes Project Coordinator, Courtauld Institute of Art

Rachel was joy to work with in every aspect. She was friendly, warm, and a constant source of information and assistance. Her attention to detail was complemented by her solid knowledge of 19th-century European art. She fast became not only a colleague but a friend. I highly recommend her for any position in the art world that requires breadth of knowledge and someone to make that information accessible to all.

—Andaleeb Banta, Curator, European and American Art at Allen Memorial Art Museum, Oberlin College