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my work around the web

my work around the web

Humanizing the Digital: Unproceedings from the MCN 2018 Conference

Guggenheim Museum Blog

Stories on art, design, conservation, and more shed light on the Guggenheim's past, present, and future.

Museum Computer Network

MCN is a welcoming and candid community of professionals passionate about empowering museums to address challenges and embrace opportunities within the evolving digital landscape.

A Series of Epistolary Romances

The second experiment by the CODE|WORDS collective

John Gordy and I discuss authority, access, and third parties in the museum.

John Gordy and I discuss authority, access, and third parties in the museum.

National Art Education Association: Museum Education Division

Peer to Peer: Sharing Ideas About Art Museum Education


The Playful, Open Net of an Experimental Leadership Journey: my thoughts on leadership for the inaugural issue of Viewfinder.


Modern Art Adventures

A book that introduces young artists to groundbreaking masterpieces and fresh techniques, then lets them loose to create their own works of art.

Art Museum Teaching

a community to reflect on teaching, learning, and experimental practice in art museum education

A leading online forum for the discussion and theory of contemporary museum education.

Smarthistory/Khan Academy

You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.

The art history wing of this hub for multimedia, online, free learning. For amateur and academic art historians (and anyone else, too).