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An online hub for some of my on and offline projects

} museum education      } cultural experiments

     } digital technology          } adventures in the art world

Museum as platform: John Gordy and I discuss authority, access, and third parties in the museum.

Peer to Peer: Sharing Ideas About Art Museum Education

A professional community of art museum educators discussing issues at the forefront of the field.

Modern Art Adventures

A book that introduces young artists to groundbreaking masterpieces and fresh techniques, then lets them loose to create their own works of art.

a community to reflect on teaching, learning, and experimental practice in art museum education

One of the leading online fora for the discussion and theory of leading contemporary museum education.

You only have to know one thing: You can learn anything. For free. For everyone. Forever.

The art history wing of this hub for multimedia, online, free learning. For amateur and academic art historians (and anyone else, too).


News from MoMA and MoMA PS1.

BKM Tech is a blog focused on the technology efforts at the Brooklyn Museum

Multiple staff voices share what's happening at the Brooklyn Museum with the world.

Explore + Create + Share

The blog for Mozilla's Hive NYC Learning Network, which builds networks of organizations who run programs to build digital skill sets for teens.

Cool Culture's daily remix of arts, culture, and early childhood education

Insider information from an organization dedicated to making sure all New York City families with young children have access to the arts.


We're a bunch of museum employees who read for fun.  A lot.  This is our little corner of the internet to share our thoughts about it.